The Best Anti-Virus Computer Programs

The best things in life are free. As this is the case, people will often want to use a free anti-virus program, instead of buying a paid program. A number of anti-virus vendors will make free antivirus software available for SOHO and home users. If you are interested in getting the best anti-virus computer [programs that are free, you will need to have a little information on each. This way, you will be able to know the ones or one that will serve your needs. Take note that it will only be effective if it can keep your computer safe from spyware, viruses and other malware. The following is a list of the top five best anti-virus software that are actually free.



Avira AntiVir Personal is leading in the list because of the number of positive reviews /comments it has received from its users. By 2011, more than 60% of voters on the reader’s Choice Awards chose this anti-virus. With such numbers, it is clear that the program is quite effective and popular among users. Apart from the awards, Avira routinely nabs some of the highest scores from other anti-virus testing agencies such as


AVG Free Edition

AVG (the free edition) is a classic and one of the leading and longest running free anti-virus packages for computers. It may be also the smallest anti-virus scanner to be tested, since it runs on 4 processes and installs 30Mb of files. It is quite popular because it is effective in older personal computers that may not meet the system requirements of modern anti-virus programs.

Microsoft Security Essentials

One of the reasons that Microsoft Security Essentials has earned its spot is that it has consistently performed admirably on a number of third-party anti-virus detection tests and certifications. The added advantage is that it is not only free for home use, but also for small business that has a maximum of ten computers to protect. Microsoft Security Essentials runs on Windows 7, Vista and XP. Take note that it can only be installed on genuine Windows installations.


Avast Home Edition

The fact that Avast offers standard scanning gives it a spot on being one of the best free anti-virus. The home addition also provides system scan during bootup. Such an option is effective as it greatly increases the chances of removing any stubborn infectors. This is the case for those that utilise resuscitators to foil any removal attempts. The Home edition is available for free downloads on the developer software, and it can support virtually any Windows platform.


Panda Cloud

The Panda Cloud anti-virus is unique as it is not only among the best free anti-virus programs, but it is also the only one that offers free cloud-based scanner. It basically takes off the processing from your PC, which will give you a more proactive, faster and lighter anti-virus protection. Additionally, you can upgrade to the Pro version, for a very low price, and gain additional features which include 24/7 tech support.


All these are great anti-virus programs that you can choose form. You will however determine the best by knowing what you need and what seems effective to you. Reading reviews of each can give you a better understanding of the programs. Alternatively, you can download and try each anti-virus before you make a decision.

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