Who is Ben Carson?

Ben Carson –The man with a new prescription for America


A man who wears many hats is perhaps the best way to describe Ben Carson. A trained neurosurgeon, who is also identified as a journalist, author, philanthropist and politician, has now set his eyes at the hot seat of the country’s President.  Politics did not come to him naturally, but his views criticizing President Obama’s policies on fiscal and social issues drew the attention of the media who labeled him a Conservative. Thus a reluctant politician that he calls himself was born in 2013 at the National Prayer Breakfast when he aired his views in the presence of Barack Obama.

Doctor in the making

September 18, 1951 is the date of birth of Benjamin Solomon Carson, one of the two sons of Robert Carson and Sonya, who was born in Detroit, Michigan. The children were brought up by their single mother as their father had opted to desert them in preference to another family that he secretly reared. They grew up in extreme poverty with their mother working as a domestic help to support them.

Under the strict guidance of their mother, who despite being a school dropout had excellent knowledge about the fundamentals of life, was able to inculcate positive vibes in her children. This made Ben daring enough to dream about being a doctor some day. He became an avid reader who loved to spend time among books of different kinds that allowed him to play on his imaginations.

His habit of reading impacted his studies positively and he turned out to be a class topper in the 6th grade with an insatiable appetite for knowledge.  By the time he completed school, he was clear in his mind to pursue a medical career.  He joined college to fulfill his dream and besides the scholarships that he earned he had to work to pay for his studies.

The career begins

After graduating from Yale in psychology in 1973, he joined the School of Medicine at the University of Michigan to become a neurosurgeon. He married Candy Rustin in 1975 and the couple moved to Baltimore, Maryland in 1977 as Ben became a resident surgeon at John Hopkins University. In only 5 years, he rose to the position of chief resident in neurosurgery at the same place.

Since then, there was no looking back. In 1985, Ben became director pediatric neurosurgery and in 1987 he attracted international attention by conducting a rare surgery that successfully separated 7 month old twin boys who were joined at the back of the head. He conducted another successful surgery to separate conjoined twins in Zambia in 1997. In 2001, he was named among 20 foremost scientist and physician by Time magazine and CNN.

Political views

His traditional political views are blended with common sense and based on conservative philosophy that has the backing of Republicans who have always denounced the approach or ‘political correctness.’ He endorses government sponsored health savings account that would allow people to save money.

With a vision to do what is right without any political under pinning, he now seeks Republican presidential nomination for 2016.

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