Who is Carly Fiorina?

Carly Fiorina –A business leader in her quest for American Presidency


If you are amazed by the fact that a woman who began her career as a secretary could became the Chief Executive Officer of one of the world’s largest technology companies then surely you must be curious to know her name.  It is Carly Fiorina, the feisty republican politician who is currently a strong contender for the American Presidency in 2016. The lady with a mission is out to bring about a change in the way the country is ruled today by career politicians and seeks public support to become the true leader of citizens without any political ambitions only to serve and lead the country with the ability to answer questions without any political overtones. She is interested in the well being of the people of the country without any political interests and personal benefits.

In-built leadership

She had made best use of her leadership qualities  during her eventful career that saw her reach the pinnacle of business leadership that earned her the reputation of  The Most powerful Woman in American Business in 1999. She was chosen to become the Chief Executive Officer of the technology giant Hewlett- Packard (HP) in 1999 that made her the first woman to become the leader of Fortune 50 business. She also became the first outsider, in the 60 years history of the Company to be chosen for that position.

From start to the top

Born in 1954 in Austin, Texas, Carly Fiorina graduated from Stanford University and got her business degrees from the University of Maryland and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her father Joseph Sneed was a law teacher and judge and her mother Madeline was a painter. She started her career in AT & T in 1980 as a sales representative and moved ahead fast in her career during her tenure of 9 years in this company. Here she met Frank her husband whom she married in 1985. She quickly rose to the senior leadership position and moved ahead in her career to lead several big companies in Seattle and Silicon Valley that culminated in her being chosen as the Chairwoman, CEO and President of HP.


If awards are any indication of success then she has earned plenty of them in her career. From being conferred honorary fellowship of the London Business School to finding a place among Top 25 Executives, not to talk about being The Most Powerful Woman in American Business and more, her leadership qualities have earned her just too many accolades. That HP rose to become the eleventh largest company of America speaks volumes about her leadership prowess.

The turning point

After leaving HP, she decided that it was time to give back. She led a number of non-profit organizations and charities and got associated with governments at state and national level in the advisory capacity.  As devout Christian, she heads an organization that helps people to conquer poverty.

Banking on her strength of being driven by principles over politics, she now aims to lead the country as its President in 2016 and is a contender for the post as a Republican candidate.


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