Who was Steve Jobs?

The wonder named Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs was known to the world as the co-founder of Apple Inc, the computer company that took the world by storm. Steve Jobs had the fire in him and was capable of capturing the world’s imagination in the presenting the most advanced and user friendly computers that not only met people’s expectations but surpassed it.  His enormous talent as a technical entrepreneur coupled with tremendous business acumen earned him fame and fortune that turned him into a legend during his life time.

Early years

Born on 24th February 1955 in California to an unwed couple named Abdulfattah Jandali and Joanne Schieble, Steve Jobs was adopted and brought up by Paul Jobs and his wife Clara who were working class couple in California.  Steve grew up with them in Mountain View and after completing high school enrolled in Reed College only to drop out after the first semester in 1972.  Steve was only interested to pursue courses that attracted him.

The beginning

His long time friend Stephen Wozniak was exceptionally talented and had uncanny interest in electronics. He embarked on a mission of building computers sometime around 1975. Steve, who had been separated from Wozniak for a few years, realized the immense potential of his talented friend with whom he had reunited with in 1976 and convinced him to start a computer company as Wozniak had successfully built his own computer board at that time. The visionary within Steve Jobs struck gold with his farsightedness as Apple Computer was born on all fool’s day, 1st April,1976.

 Computer boom

Apple I computers were manufactured in a garage in Steve Job’s home and was sold in the market to computer dealers. Meanwhile, Wozniak was busy building a much better computer that supported color graphics, was much powerful and had expandable memory. Realizing the immense potential of Apple II, as it was named, Steve lost no time in arranging for funds and got busy in seeking venture capital for the project. With investment of $250,000 from Mike Markkula the company got the buoyancy that it needed. In no time the company wrote a fairy tale success story as the market witnessed unprecedented computer boom and its owners became multi millionaires, conquering every peak of business challenge.

Break and back

The journey of Steve Jobs was not smooth always but still he emerged a winner. In 1985 Steve was thrown out of Apple and the next 10 years saw him forming new enterprises that dealt in computer graphics and animation. In a magical twist of events, Steve Jobs found his place back in Apple in 1995 when his new found company was acquired by Apple. The magic of Steve Jobs showed up again as he could turn the fortunes of Apple once again with a series of new launches that included iMac, iPad and iPhone as well as iPod that changed the world of  communications and music and entertainment for ever.

Steve Jobs died on 5th October 2011 after a prolonged battle with pancreatic cancer but his legacy still continues.



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